My greatest passion is to educate people about the need to protect wildlife and reptiles, to participate in preserving them, but at the same time, I am trying to disprove people the senseless myths that exists about these fascinating animals.


If you are looking for professional equipment for specialists as well as tools and supplies for reptile breeders, you are on the right place!

DeLuxe sexing probe set 9pcs
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Professional slim snake hook
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Snake catching bag frame
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Catching of reptiles

There is no need to kill the snakes in the garden, in the house or in the apartment. I come to catch, or I will instruct how to perform catching.

Lectures and courses

More than 200 lectures and events performed on elementary schools, high schools and colleges. I am also preparing a course for safe handling of dangerous reptiles.

Mobile Terarium

A favorite exhibition of exotic animals with a lecture already here. Thanks to the mobile terrarium, thousands of people have been deprived of prejudices about reptiles. You can join them.

About me

By the way, do you know what it is aboutidiophobia? It is the sick fear of the snakes, which is affecting thousands of people around the world. And I am definitely do not belong to them. I am a lover of Herpetology. Herpetology is one of the basic disciplines of zoology. Herpetology studies reptiles and amphibians.


Milan Oselský

Na briežku 274
Košická Belá 044 65
+421 918 551 284

*I can communicate in : English, Spanish